smoke rise community association

Welcome To Smoke Rise, Georgia

Smoke Rise is a tranquil community nestled at the foothills of Atlanta's Historic Stone Mountain.  Our unique homes and natural setting provide an environment rarely found in one of our nations's largest metro areas.   Our community is comprised of approximately 2,000 homes in more than more than 10 neighborhoods clustered along the DeKalb County/Gwinnett County border.  Smoke Rise is conveniently located less than 15 miles from Atlanta's metropolitan downtown area, yet each home is situated on at least an acre of scenic land.  We also boast over 40 acres of public green space within our community border, including Smoke Rise Park.  

Community News

 SRCA Position Statement on Political Endorsements 

Using the communications tools available, the Board of Directors (BOD) of the SRCA strives to keep the Smoke Rise community informed, from a balanced perspective, of issues and developments of importance to residents and may elect to vote to communicate a board position on such.

The BOD of the SRCA will not endorse, critique or take a position against any individual candidates for political office.

SRCA BOD members, exercising their constitutional  rights as individual citizens, but without claiming representation of SRCA, may comment, endorse, financially support, participate in campaigns, and vote for candidates for political office.

Approved unanimously by the SRCA BOD on January 19, 2018.

SRCA Position Statement On Political Endorsements